Моят месец Ноември 2015 в снимки

image1 (1)
I have never been as inlove with #autumn as I am this year, sharing it with my daughter! Никога не съм била така влюбена в есента, както сега, когато я споделям с дъщеря ми!


image2 (1)
Love this colour from @kikocosmeticsofficial So unique! Страхотен цвят от #kikocosmetics (please don’t mind my dry hands, autumno doesn’t treat them well)


Lovely, isn’t it!


When you are convinced you deserve some #gingerbread treat in the morning… cause it’s #friday and you did a good job during the week… and it’s #delicious




image1 (2).jpeg


Rise and shine everybody!


On the #firstbirthday mommies celebrate more than babies!


First birthday is a little bit bitter-sweet but still amazing!


image1 (3)
The best way to #starttheweek after a long and busy weekend (and so much food)


I was inspired by @estee_lalonde to try this very easy and extremely delicious toast with avocado and cherry tomatoes. I decided to add just a little bit of parsley and it turned out great!

2 thoughts on “Моят месец Ноември 2015 в снимки

  1. Тостът с авокадо си го правя редовно, страшно вкусен ми е! 😀 Дъщеричката ти е толкова сладка, да ти е жива и здрава. 🙂

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